UMP 0000 Basic Character Generation

UMP0000_Basic_Character_Generation_2d6SFSRDBasic Character Generation is the starting point for your character!

The file contains everything you need to create your basic character before they begin their first career:

  • Definitions of the three characteristic types;
  • A description of each of characteristic;
  • A simple method for determining your character’s intelligence quotient (IQ) score;
  • How to generate characteristic scores;
  • How to generate characteristic modifiers.

What Else Do I Need To Use This Product?

You will need at least two six-sided dice, some paper and pens or a computer and access to a set of 2d6-based science fiction role playing game rules that includes careers. Copies of Physical Appearance (UMP 0001 ), Family Background (UMP 0002), University (UMP 0003) and Graduate School (UMP 0004) 2d6 SF SRD from Universal Machine Publications may also be useful.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Basic Character Generation as a PDF to download from Universal Machine’s page at

Basic Character Generation is not currently available to buy in print.

Product Information

Authors: Universal Machine Publications

Date Published: October 2014

Catalogue Number: UMP 0000


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