Universal Machine Publications produces Open Game Content for science fiction roleplaying games.

Open Game Content

Universal Machine Publications products contain ‘Open Game Content’ (‘OGC’) which is part of the 2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document (or ‘2d6 SF SRD’) and is fully compatible with the Traveller System Reference Document version 1.1. The 2d6 SF SRD is released under the Open Game Licence version 1.0a (‘OGL’) by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Universal Machine Publications products that contain OGC have a copy of the OGL on the very last page of the product. Each product that contains OGC will have the OGC listed in paragraph 8 Identification of the OGL on the last page of the product.

Any Universal Machine Publications products that do not contain any OGC will not have a copy of the OGL on the product’s very last page, and all content in the product will be Closed Gaming Content.

Where to Purchase

All of Universal Machine Publications products are available to purchase as PDF downloads from the Universal Machine Publications page at

Universal Machine Publications products are not currently available in print.