2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document FAQ

Universal Machine Publications uses its own rules system, which we call “Universal Machine”. These rules are based on the 2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document.

Q: What is the “2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document”?

A: The 2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document (“2d6 SF SRD”) is a comprehensive toolbox consisting of rules, careers, skills, various systems to construct starships, vehicles, worlds and technological items compatible with various roleplaying games systems from other roleplaying game publishing companies. The 2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document material is Open Game Content under the Open Game Licence, and you may use, modify, and distribute it.

The 2d6 SF SRD fills in the gaps in the original SRD by providing material and rules that are not available, or will never be available, in or for the original SRD.  The 2d6 SF SRD will be a fully stand-alone set of science fiction roleplaying game rules.

Q: Aren’t System Reference Documents Supposed to be free?

A: Some System Reference Documents are free i.e. the d20 Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document from Wizards of the Coast, the Pathfinder SRD and the D100 SRD and any number of other systems available on the internet. Others have to be purchased, such as Mongoose Publishing’s Legend books, of which the content of all products with the word “Legend” in the title are Open Game Content and thus constitute a SRD, UMP’s 2d6 SF SRD products are available to purchase.

Q: What are the “1e”, “2e” and “2d6” SF SRDs?

A: These are the three SRDs. We refer to the original System Reference Document version 1.1 (SRD v1.1) as “1e”, as the SRD is derived from the first edition of the most popular science fiction roleplaying game. “2e” refers to updates, changes, new rules and modifications to the 1e SRD that were introduced in the 2016 second edition. “2d6” refers to the core SRD produced by Universal Machine, which incorporates both 1 e and 2e rules, systems and changes, as well as our own original rules and systems.

Our motto is simple: One box, two dice, three books.

Universal Machine is what Mongoose Publishing’s first and second editions of Traveller should have been, had they had been written properly.