Psionic talents include telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis awareness and teleportation. Learning to harness psionics is a difficult process, made even harder by the ban on psionics in the Imperium. Following a disastrous attempt to guide human development centuries ago, the Psionics Institutes have gone underground. In other civilisations, psionics are an accepted part of the human … Read morePsionicist


Brokers work for companies and coordinate the arrangement of sellers, shippers and buyers, or as an independent contractor arranging receipt and delivery of cargo. Whatever you’re buying, selling or shipping , this booklet deals with the people you need: the Broker.

Scouts is now available!

Universal machine are pleased to announce that our latest product Scouts is available to download from! The Scout Service is an important major organisation, with status on par with the Army and Navy. It conducts a wide range of mainly civilian missions, including frontier exploration, continually surveying, mapping and updating maps and data on … Read moreScouts is now available!

Free Traders

With their broad skills, Free Traders are good at getting information and finding leads and can usually obtain hard-to-get equipment. The Free Trader is their own boss: they travel and adventure in The Black, do a job and then they get paid. This booklet deals with those who are shiny: the Free Traders.


Merchants trade commodities to earn a profit and have existed for as long as business, industry, trade and commerce have existed. The status of the merchant has varied across history and societies but they may be a highly-paid corporate factor or a crew member of of a beat-up old merchant starship. Merchants are adept at thinking on their feet, seeking … Read moreMerchant


The Imperial Army is large, highly organised military force that is mainly concerned with land-based warfare. Its purpose is to defend worlds from real or potential internal and external threats, preserve peace and security, provide for the defence of the Imperium, individual worlds and possessions and areas occupied by the Imperium and overcome any worlds responsible for aggressive … Read moreArmy